Hello Friends, I am Shannen taken from Shannen Doherty of the once well-loved TV series Beverly Hills 90210. I came up with this block to share my adventures, experiences, my shots on mobile photography and random thoughts.
I am single and loves to sing when I feel too (haha!). I am currently working as a Technical Support in a broad web hosting company and live in the Municipality of Liloan, Cebu.
I love to watch movies or series during my free time on Netflix. Listening to music every day always brighten my day. I love to update my Social media accounts whenever I have the opportunity during my rest days. I am into mobile photography and recently created a Facebook page for my mobile shots. If you are interested, you may like and follow my  ‘Snaps by Shann’  page. I want to share my passion and interests in mobile photography and wish that I can improve more.

I believe that life is beautiful and should not be wasted. That is why if I have the budget and time, I travel out of town with my friends. I love reflecting about my life, my future whenever I am in nature and I also love to swim. I am not a fancy traveler but if I have the opportunity, I go for it. I am thankful also that I am surrounded by friends who also love to travel and eat. We still have more destinations to travel to and more dishes to fill our stomachs. I hope I can post it here in the future.

I will also be writing my life experiences here when I was a member of a Secular Institute. I will post my shots here as well, your feedback is much appreciated in my work. Toodles!