During our early adult years, we tend to ask ourselves on how and where are we going to live. Some of us would prefer to live with their parents but some also would prefer to live independently by renting an apartment next to their workplace. It is very important that we are disposed in our situation especially if we are employed in a city where there the traffic jam is always present. I would prefer to live independently so that I can learn how to live on my own and grow mature. In a way, living away from our parents will help us to become predispose in having my own family. I can say that to live with my family even if, I am already in my late twenties is not really a good idea to do. Because I could not be able to decide on my own, work on my own and live on my own. The more I would want to live separately from them.

One thing that entice me to live independently is that I can choose to live near my workplace. So in that way, I can lessen my transportation budget from one hundred per day to just the minimum fare or I can just walk going to my office daily. To live away from my parents is a way of knowledge and to know my real self. When I am at home, I always depend with my mom in doing many things like my laundry, what to eat. So I ended up being dependent on them or sometimes being slothful during my rest days. While if I will be on my own apartment, I can be more creative in doing things to keep my room tidy since I will have no mom to keep my space.

It will always depend on the situation of every individual if they want to line in their own or to be with their parents. No one can force on what they are capable of doing and on how they want in their lives. The most important thing is that we know what is the right from wrong or the good from evil. And we must also think the aspect that will help us grow as an effective individual into our family and the society.

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