“Life is a Conundrum of Esotorica”.

This quotes I heard from the series I watched last week. It means that life is full of riddles and clues to solve any one’s problem in life. All we have to do is to study our problem and learn how to solve it. Well they say that teenage years are the most happiest times rather than living in our adult life. I would say that that adult life is much happier than teenage years. It is because you get to decide on your own when you are already an adult and matured enough. If you fall into mistake, you get to learn from it so that by next time the same mistake will not happen in life. When we were younger, we do not see our faults because we always that we are punished. A small mistake in the house would be a long reprimand or sermon from our parents or even from our older siblings. When you are adult, you have already the maturity to find reasons and realizations to any misfits and unfortunate events in your life.

In spite of our responsibility as an adult, one of them is our job. It is necessary to find one so we can live in this very productive and competitive world. It is common also to find the things and people for us to survive in this changing world. No matter how old we are or how hard our job might be. It is a key factor to one’s happiness. If you do not have job, you do not earn money. If you do not have money, you cannot buy what you need and the things you want. If you do not have money, then you cannot travel to see the beauty of this planet. And then you will not be able to bring happiness to your growing family. So basically, it is a matter of balance and commitment to one’s source of happiness. When you are an adult, you would surely understand that part. And if you would remain in your teenage dreams or ways of thinking, then you  will not be able to see the world in its adulting way of life.

In my opinion, it is better to be an adult rather than to remain a slumpy teenager. For this is how our life should be, we mature, have our responsibilities to live our better future and pay back to our family who raised us as who we are today. We all just need to open our eyes and work to a better life with the same focus and determination to help our loved ones. There is always a room for a change and from that, we become better person to everyone we know.

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