Education is a very essential part of a society, and we also need an educator to teach or mold our younger generations. But what if in a society, no one would become a teacher? Sad to say, that is happening now as what I have observed. Many students would study courses like in Medicine, Engineering and Information Technology. Unlike before when our parents were still studying, many would take up courses for Education. There is an ongoing problem with the quality of teachers that our Public schools are now having. Not all of them are keen enough to teach kids at school. Maybe because of the growing population and the type of economy our country has now. It affects a lot of students as well especially those who are secondary years.

In college, it is the time where we decide on what courses should we take. Most of the students, today would prefer to take up coursed related to Information Technology or in Nursing because they know that they can land to a better job abroad or locally if they graduate those type of courses. And also nowadays, we are living in a very digital world. Perhaps, most of the companies need a person who can work in the files of Information Technologies for their data and online presence as well. So for me, that could be one of the reasons why many would pursue courses in IT rather than taking Education. To become an educator is a very noble thing to do for our country because you are going to teach our youth of today whom our national hero has quoted that.

Youth is the Hope of our Nation.

However, we cannot deny the fact that the youth of today is not the same as yesterday. They are impulsive, stubborn and sensitive. They want to prove their self-worth by showing off their selves or even posting non-sense in different social media for the sake of ‘likes’. And if you would reprimand them or shall I say, some of them would hold grudges against you. I hope that they may find more valuable meaning in life rather than finding temporal happiness in the digital world. Teachers are one of the instruments in giving them a different outlook on life. To find a purpose and be able to have a better view of what ahead on their future.

A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark.

I remember that quote it is from a Chinese proverb and I agree to that thought. When I was in Grade school I once was stabbed with a ball pen in my left shoulder by my classmate who for no reason just did that to me. It was my fifth-grade teacher who reprimanded that boy. She became her parent that incident happened because she knows that he’ll be beaten up by his parents if they know what had happened. That boy belongs to a broken family. My teacher attended to me and cleaned my wound that day. It had left a mark on me that an educator plays an important role in a child’s life. I still believe becoming one is a selfless act of love. I just hope that many would realize that value and our government would also give much more important to our Educators who still work in our country. That might persuade more youth to consider taking up a course on Education .

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