Nowadays many would prefer going to the shopping mall rather than staying in the house especially during hot summer days. We live in a tropical country and when it gets hot, we find ways on how to beat the heat of the sun. There are lots of things we do during Summer days. One of those is to stay inside the shopping mall in an hour, some can make it throughout the whole day. I think it is not only during those Summer that malls are fully packed with people. Even during the regular days, many would flock inside the mall to experience the cooling and very comforting feeling of the centralized air conditioner that is offered inside the shopping malls.

We have this term known as ‘window shopping’ it is when you go inside the mall without anything to buy. Like you just go inside, stay there for a while and feel the cooling sensation of the air conditioner. Some would snap a picture and post it to their social media account. To make known they went shopping, but in reality, they were not. So basically, we would inside the shopping mall to relax and some would show off things that they bought through the social media accounts. For me, it is alright to show off what we have purchased sometimes but not all the time. And I am guilty of that doing as well in one of the nearest malls we have in the city.

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