The Libera

I first heard this group when I was completing my Religious studies in Laguna, Philippines. I have been then on my first year as a Temporary Professed member of the Secular Institute of the Two Hearts. I accidentally found the 2010 Libera Peace CD that our Mother General bought in our Mission House. When I played it on our sound system, I was already into it. The sound of angels filled our house and I felt so uplifted during that time. By then on, I’ve always wanted to know more about their group and wanted to hear more about their music.

Our Religious group works on the media, we were trained to create and edit videos, shoot videos, transcribe it and our default actor then is our Founding Priest. Some of the members are assigned to edit video from the Seminars of our OATH priests as well. Then most of the time it is the Libera songs are being used to that videos that some of the sisters made.

I was hooked up to their music then, I never stop dreaming of someday I can get to meet them in person. That dream came true last 23rd of February at the Waterfront Pacific Grand Ballroom in Salinas Lahug, Cebu City. I attended the concert with my mom and my friend. They serenade us with their angelic voices and at long last, I met them in flesh. The Libera Friendship Tour is dedicated to all its Cebuano fans who are in love with the sound of peace, chants and relaxation.

After the concert, they had a meet-and-greet and then the autograph signing. I bought a poster of them and all of them courteously signed my poster. I even asked one of them to write down my name! 😊 I had a small chit-chat with one of them and told them that I used to sing the ‘alto’ part. I was very happy to meet them up close and personal. It was really a night of ‘Heaven here on earth’ experience and I am so glad that I made to be a part of their event.

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