“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” — Gautama Buddha

Shopping Malls

Nowadays many would prefer going to the shopping mall rather than staying in the house especially during hot summer days. We live in a tropical country and when it gets hot, we find ways on how to beat the heat of the sun. There are lots of things we do during Summer days. One of those is to stay inside the shopping mall in an hour, some can make it through out the whole day. I think it is not only during those Summer that malls are fully packed with people. Even during the regular days many would flock inside the mall to experience the cooling and very comforting feeling of the centralized air conditioner that is offered inside the shopping malls.

We have this term known as ‘window shopping’ it is when you go inside the mall without anything to buy. Like you just go inside, stay there for a while and feel the cooling sensation of the air conditioner. Some would snap a picture and post it to their social media account. To make known they went shopping, but in reality they were not. So basically, we would inside the shopping mall to relax and some would show off things that they bought through the social media accounts. For me, it is alright to show off what we have purchased sometimes but not all the times. And I am guilty of that doing as well in one of the nearest mall we have in the city.


Becoming a Teacher

Education is a very essential part of a society, and we also need educator to teach or mold our younger generations. But what if in a society, there is no one who would become a teacher? Sad to say, that is happening now as what I have observed. Many students would study courses like in Medicine, Engineering and Information Technology. Unlike before during the time when our parents was still studying, many would take up courses for Education. There is an ongoing problem with the quality of teachers that our Public schools are now having. Not all of them are keen enough to teach kids at school. Maybe because of the growing population and the type of economy our country has now. It affects a lot of students as well especially those who are secondary years.

In college, it is the time where we decide on what courses should we take. Mostly of the students today would prefer to take up coursed related with Information Technology or in Nursing because they know that they can land to a better job abroad or locally if they graduate those type of courses. And also nowadays, we are living in a very digital world. Perhaps, most of the companies need person who can work in the files of Information Technologies for their data and online presence as well. So for me, that could be one of the reasons why many would pursue courses in IT rather than taking Education. To become an educator is a very noble thing to do for our country because you are going to teach our youth of today whom our national hero has quoted that.

Youth is the Hope of our Nation.

However, we cannot deny the fact that youth of today is not as the same from yesterday. They are impulsive, stubborn and sensitive. They want to prove their self worth by showing off their selves or even posting non-sense in different social media for the sake of ‘likes’. And if you would reprimand them or shall I say, some of them would hold grudges against you. I hope that they may find more valuable meaning in life rather than finding temporal happiness in the digital world. Teachers are one of the instruments in giving them a different outlook in life. To find a purpose and be able to have a better view in what ahead on their future.

A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark.

I remember that quote it is from a Chinese proverb and I agree to that thought. When I was in Grade school I once was stabbed with a ball pen in my left shoulder by my classmate who for no reason just did that to me. It was my fifth-grade teacher who reprimanded that boy. She became her parent that incident happened because she knows that he’ll be beaten up by his parents if they know what had happened. That boy belongs to a broken family. My teacher attended to me and cleaned my wound that day. It had left a mark on me that an educator plays an important role in a child’s life. I still believe becoming one is a selfless act of love. I just hope that many would realize that value and our government would also give much more importance to our Educators who still work in our country. That might persuade more youth to consider taking up course on Education .


Adult Life

“Life is a Conundrum of Esotorica”.

This quotes I heard from the series I watched last week. It means that life is full of riddles and clues to solve any one’s problem in life. All we have to do is to study our problem and learn how to solve it. Well they say that teenage years are the most happiest times rather than living in our adult life. I would say that that adult life is much happier than teenage years. It is because you get to decide on your own when you are already an adult and matured enough. If you fall into mistake, you get to learn from it so that by next time the same mistake will not happen in life. When we were younger, we do not see our faults because we always that we are punished. A small mistake in the house would be a long reprimand or sermon from our parents or even from our older siblings. When you are adult, you have already the maturity to find reasons and realizations to any misfits and unfortunate events in your life.

In spite of our responsibility as an adult, one of them is our job. It is necessary to find one so we can live in this very productive and competitive world. It is common also to find the things and people for us to survive in this changing world. No matter how old we are or how hard our job might be. It is a key factor to one’s happiness. If you do not have job, you do not earn money. If you do not have money, you cannot buy what you need and the things you want. If you do not have money, then you cannot travel to see the beauty of this planet. And then you will not be able to bring happiness to your growing family. So basically, it is a matter of balance and commitment to one’s source of happiness. When you are an adult, you would surely understand that part. And if you would remain in your teenage dreams or ways of thinking, then you  will not be able to see the world in its matured way of life.

In my opinion, it is better to be an adult rather than to remain a appalling teenager. For this is how our life should be, we mature, have our responsibilities to live our better future and pay back to our family who raised us as who we are today. We all just need to open our eyes and work to a better life with the same focus and determination to help our loved ones. There is always a room for a change and from that, we become better person to everyone we know.


Boarding School

Education is a very important part of our society as it forms our younger generation to become better persons and be part of the society. In school, many would prefer to separate the female and male as they believe that it would form a much better individual than to have the setting of a mixed gender in one classroom. They have this type of Boarding School for boys or for girls that is normally being managed by Religious groups like the nuns and priests of the Catholic Church. I see a lot of boarding school here in our country and it gives a huge impact in every kid who both study and live in particular type of school. Whether that individual is from a well-off family or from a poor family. If one of their kid is studying in that school, it will always have a good point on them.

In my opinion, if I will have my own children in the future, I would not let them decide on which type of school they would like to go. But as a parent, I would not want them to study in a Boarding school because for me, that will now give them a normal predisposition in their adult life. I will still give them freedom to choose which school they wanted to go as long as that would make them happy and contented.

My views in the boarding school is not that good because I have seen boarding school that promotes beliefs and practices that are not that normal for a thirteen years old kid to understand. This school is situated in Nueva Ecija and they promote Holiness in life practices that is ‘out of this world’. It is somewhat like brainwashing the minds of the students that all of them will become a saints as long as they do not commit even the slightest imperfections. It is like they are conditioning the mind of their students or colleagues to become a supernatural being. In my realizations, that was wrong because it did not give them freedom to be who they are and what they would really want to do in their life. I remember when I was in my fifth grade, when the education for K-12 was not yet introduced in our country. I was one of those students who strive hard just to become a part of the very well-known Boarding school her in Cebu. That is the Sisters of Mary School for Girls. But I ended up living in a religious group and that gave me both good and bad memories as well.

Anyone should not force a child to live the way they want or to study what they want. We as adults, should encourage them to live a normal happy life. Whether be in a Boarding school or not. An individual is responsible for their own happiness and education in life.


The Technology

Technology has always been a part of our everyday life. Without it, there will be no life, no industry and no progress in our country. I do not agree that it has made life too complicated because it makes our life very convenient and rapid. I do not see modern technology as a hindrance to our daily lives as a human being. We live in this planet Earth and we are given the opportunity to sustain this beautiful planet that God has made. We should not be avoiding using technology but instead, we must utilize it and sustain for it for better living and helping each other. The key to success is helping one another and by the means of modern technology, we are able to do the impossible, the things that were not yet done by our forefathers. We are given a gift from God that no one can steal from us and that is our minds. Through our human minds it started the idea of having a technology.

Nowadays, you will find a lot of modern technologies present in each corner of the city. From gadgets, laptops, mobiles and robots, we utilize the use of technology for improvement and making life easier. I am personally into mobile gadgets and online gaming. I love checking and updating my social media accounts. So I am much inclined with the present technology that we have now but I am living my life simple. To be connected with social media account is being connected to technology. It is like I have the easy way to express myself. For example, in my Instagram account, I already have two hundred eighty-eight followers. Those are random people across the globe that is interested on what I am up to. I am into mobile photography and animal so those are the stuff I share to the people through my Instagram account. I am happy because they are also happy to see my mobile shots. Same goes with my Facebook profile, it allows me to connect with all my friends about my thoughts and achievements in life.

As you can see, technology has never been an enemy to me, I always consider it as a friend and not a foe that might ruin my life. Basically, it is really up to the person or individual who is using the modern technology. It is up to us how are we going to handle it. Like I said on the first part, technology has always been a part of our life. If we handle it in a way to destroy our life, then we are doomed. We must use it simply not just more of as a show-off. We are responsible with our actions and decisions. So as a human being we must also be responsible in using modern technology to preserve our nation and help build kindness, the good connection to one another.


Being Independent

During our early adult years, we tend to ask ourselves on how and where are we going to live. Some of us would prefer to live with their parents but some also would prefer to live independently by renting an apartment next to their workplace. It is very important that we are disposed in our situation especially if we are employed in a city where there the traffic jam is always present. I would prefer to live independently so that I can learn how to live on my own and grow mature. In a way, living away from our parents will help us to become predispose in having my own family. I can say that to live with my family even if, I am already in my late twenties is not really a good idea to do. Because I could not be able to decide on my own, work on my own and live on my own. The more I would want to live separately from them.

One thing that entice me to live independently is that I can choose to live near my workplace. So in that way, I can lessen my transportation budget from one hundred per day to just the minimum fare or I can just walk going to my office daily. To live away from my parents is a way of knowledge and to know my real self. When I am at home, I always depend with my mom in doing many things like my laundry, what to eat. So I ended up being dependent on them or sometimes being slothful during my rest days. While if I will be on my own apartment, I can be more creative in doing things to keep my room tidy since I will have no mom to keep my space.

It will always depend on the situation of every individual if they want to line in their own or to be with their parents. No one can force on what they are capable of doing and on how they want in their lives. The most important thing is that we know what is the right from wrong or the good from evil. And we must also think the aspect that will help us grow as an effective individual into our family and the society.