Education is a very important part of our society as it forms our younger generation to become better persons and be part of the society. In school, many would prefer to separate the female and male as they believe that it would form a much better individual than to have the setting of a mixed gender in one classroom. They have this type of Boarding School for boys or for girls that is normally being managed by Religious groups like the nuns and priests of the Catholic Church. I see a lot of boarding school here in our country and it gives a huge impact in every kid who both study and live in particular type of school. Whether that individual is from a well-off family or from a poor family. If one of their kid is studying in that school, it will always have a good point on them.

In my opinion, if I will have my own children in the future, I would not let them decide on which type of school they would like to go. But as a parent, I would not want them to study in a Boarding school because for me, that will now give them a normal predisposition in their adult life. I will still give them freedom to choose which school they wanted to go as long as that would make them happy and contented.

My views in the boarding school is not that good because I have seen boarding school that promotes beliefs and practices that are not that normal for a thirteen years old kid to understand. This school is situated in Nueva Ecija and they promote Holiness in life practices that is ‘out of this world’. It is somewhat like brainwashing the minds of the students that all of them will become a saints as long as they do not commit even the slightest imperfections. It is like they are conditioning the mind of their students or colleagues to become a supernatural being. In my realizations, that was wrong because it did not give them freedom to be who they are and what they would really want to do in their life. I remember when I was in my fifth grade, when the education for K-12 was not yet introduced in our country. I was one of those students who strive hard just to become a part of the very well-known Boarding school her in Cebu. That is the Sisters of Mary School for Girls. But I ended up living in a religious group and that gave me both good and bad memories as well.

Anyone should not force a child to live the way they want or to study what they want. We as adults, should encourage them to live a normal happy life. Whether be in a Boarding school or not. An individual is responsible for their own happiness and education in life.

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