Technology has always been a part of our everyday life. Without it, there will be no life, no industry and no progress in our country. I do not agree that it has made life too complicated because it makes our life very convenient and rapid. I do not see modern technology as a hindrance to our daily lives as a human being. We live in this planet Earth and we are given the opportunity to sustain this beautiful planet that God has made. We should not be avoiding using technology but instead, we must utilize it and sustain for it for better living and helping each other. The key to success is helping one another and by the means of modern technology, we are able to do the impossible, the things that were not yet done by our forefathers. We are given a gift from God that no one can steal from us and that is our minds. Through our human minds it started the idea of having a technology.

Nowadays, you will find a lot of modern technologies present in each corner of the city. From gadgets, laptops, mobiles and robots, we utilize the use of technology for improvement and making life easier. I am personally into mobile gadgets and online gaming. I love checking and updating my social media accounts. So I am much inclined with the present technology that we have now but I am living my life simple. To be connected with social media account is being connected to technology. It is like I have the easy way to express myself. For example, in my Instagram account, I already have two hundred eighty-eight followers. Those are random people across the globe that is interested on what I am up to. I am into mobile photography and animal so those are the stuff I share to the people through my Instagram account. I am happy because they are also happy to see my mobile shots. Same goes with my Facebook profile, it allows me to connect with all my friends about my thoughts and achievements in life.

As you can see, technology has never been an enemy to me, I always consider it as a friend and not a foe that might ruin my life. Basically, it is really up to the person or individual who is using the modern technology. It is up to us how are we going to handle it. Like I said on the first part, technology has always been a part of our life. If we handle it in a way to destroy our life, then we are doomed. We must use it simply not just more of as a show-off. We are responsible with our actions and decisions. So as a human being we must also be responsible in using modern technology to preserve our nation and help build kindness, the good connection to one another.

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